Our Trees

We planted our first trees back in 2008. We will plant the highest quality trees, to the best of our ability, year after year, so there will always be trees ready to harvest for your Christmas.

Eastern White Pine

This pine tree has long, very soft needles. The Eastern White Pine has beautiful, dark foliage and a straight trunk. It has excellent needle retention. White Pines are $35 for any size tree. We have many tall White Pines, with trees up to 9 feet tall.

Canaan Fir

Canaan Fir This fir tree has many natural similarities to both the Fraser Fir and Balsam Fir. Many consider the Canaan Fir a natural hybrid between both tree species. The Canaan Fir has excellent needle retention, good aroma, strong branches, and short soft needles. Prices range between $35-$100 depending on size and quality.

Scotch Pine

This tree was the most popular of the Christmas Tree market in Ohio before fir trees were introduced. The Scotch Pine grows well in a wide range of soil types and conditions. It makes an excellent cut Christmas Tree. It has excellent needle retention, good aroma, strong branches, and stiff, long needles. Scotch Pines are $35 for any size tree.

Colorado Blue Spruce

This tree is native to the western United States in the Rocky Mountains. It is extensively planted as an ornamental tree. Our seed source is Berkey's Nursery in Pennsylvania, who prides themselves in selecting seeds that produce blue-hued trees. This tree has good to average needle retention when cut for a Christmas Tree. We sell most of these trees as a live tree that can be planted in your yard after Christmas. Prices are $60 for a cut tree and $100 for a live tree to plant in your yard.

Fraser Fir

The Fraser Fir is native to the Appalachian Mountains in areas of Virginia, North Carolina, and eastern Tennessee. This tree grows best at higher altitudes, where there are cooler temperatures and well-drained soils. It has excellent needle retention, good aroma, strong branches, and short, soft needles. We have pre-cut trees to select from. Our pre-cut Fraser Firs are $70.